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Modern PR is multi-faceted, adaptable, creative and, importantly, measurable.

We’re a specialist agency working with renewables, energy and manufacturing clients. Our purpose is to help businesses in these areas align their marketing communications with internal strategy, communicate value of products and services to audiences, and build relationships focused on transparency and trust.

Renewable Public Relations
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As a technical PR agency, specialising in environment, energy and manufacturing we break down complicated topics, ignite interest in niche areas and raise much-needed awareness of important issues.

Working with us frees up our clients’ time, strengthens their messaging, helps them align their internal and external values, and improves how, when and where they communicate with their desired audience.

We’re committed to professional development so our clients can rely on our advice to be up-to-date with the latest thinking, trends and behaviours, and know that we will always act according to best practice within our industry.

We call our PR multi-faceted because we use a blend of paid, earned, social and owned media in our communications activity for clients. It’s substantial, considered and honest PR from a forward-looking agency.

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