InFusion is a specialist renewable energy PR agency

We use strategy, media relations and communications tools to power up the profiles of our clients and help them tell amazing stories about their work in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors. 

Working primarily in the renewable energy pr sector allows us to focus all our efforts in understanding, creating and communicating the many wonderful technologies and developments happening in this area. 

From solar to tidal and biomass to heat pumps we work with renewable energy manufacturers to generate noteworthy media coverage, elevate profiles and start important conversations on our energy future. 

We'll make you an authority on a key subject within your industry, make people take notice of your brand and develop effective connections with your audience that translate into bigger sales and more customers. 

The content on this site is designed to give you help and advice on everything from public relations to data management and email marketing. Browse, take a look at our free marketing downloads and decide if we're the right agency to drive your pr and marketing in new, positive directions.



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