Saving NY from bland website copy

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

Sometimes, it feels as though we were always destined to help businesses with the power of the written word. When NY Design in Harrogate asked for our help to write the copy for their new website, we donned our capes and answered the call to create website copy which would save the Yorkshire web design agency from the boredom of bland language and inspire their customers to greatness. 

the importance of good website copy


Using minimal copy, we stuck to the superhero theme like Lois Lane clinging to the bottom of that elevator and focused on strong, bold calls to action.


examples of great website copy


Not all website copy needs a theme, but it does need to be consistent. The tone, the flow and the style need to travel effortlessly from page to page. 


website copy that generates leads


This was an incredibly fun website copy project to work on, and we were able to successfully convey the attitude and approach of NY Design using very little copy to maximum effect. 

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