Content Support for Small Businesses

Become a more confident writer and improve your business' communications

Understanding the how and why of business writing and being able to implement it every day is a necessary skill for sole traders and micro-businesses owners, who often have the responsibility for creating all the content for their business and face challenges with ideas, structure, style and tone.

Business writing is too often influenced by bandwagon trends, constrained by SEO and hampered by lack of confidence. It doesn’t need to be that way. Transforming your approach to business writing will improve how and what you communicate to your customers which will:

  • Improve sales
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Bring consistency to your marketing communications

Become a more confident writer with WriteUp

As an experienced writer and editor I’ve listened to business owners describe their fear of a blank word document, witnessed their frustration at not being able to translate what’s in their head, and been repeatedly told: ‘I don’t have time’.

In response to this feedback, I’ve created WriteUp, a monthly support package to replace these concerns with skills, confidence and the freedom to enjoy writing about your business and produce great copy that resonates with your audience.

Choose the WriteUp option that suits your business and level up your business writing with our expert support.

How does WriteUp work?

Once you’ve decided which level is right for you and signed up via the links below, it’s a simple process to get started with WriteUp. First, you’ll get an email welcoming you to the community with your copy of our planning guide so you’ll always have a solid foundation from which to start.

Then, when you’re ready, email or share an article that you’re working on. This could be a blog post, page of web content or similar – it doesn’t need to be fully formed, even if all you have is some bullet points and an outline, WriteUp will provide the support to develop it into a rich piece of content to support your business.

If it needs to convey a particular message, or you want to get a certain point of view across we’ll look at how to draw this out. My comments are often questions – designed to make you think, inspire and prompt. To be clear, I won’t write it for you, it’s your work – I’m just a facilitator.

You’ll get two rounds of edits and support to refine your content and a final pass to make it ready for publication. Each article you complete will see you getting stronger and more confident in your writing ability.

WriteUp Level 1

  • One article/blog edited and critiqued per month and prepped for publishing, this includes keywords, meta data, and SEO heading.
  • Newsletter/email with implementable tips and answers to common problems and challenges.
  • Monthly webinar to discuss specific topics and build writing skills.

£49 per month

WriteUp Level 2

  • Two articles/blogs edited and critiqued per month and prepared for publishing, this includes keywords, meta data, and SEO heading.
  • Two email prompts per month to help you maintain momentum and publish regularly.
  • Newsletter/email with implementable tips and answers to common  problems and challenges.
  • Monthly webinar to discuss specific topics and build writing skills.

£79 per month

Free Blog Planning Guide!

Planning is an important, and often missed out, element of great writing. Download and follow our 6-step guide to keep your blogs on track and give readers a reason to stick around.