Why businesses need to focus on owned media in 2019

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

We’re all familiar with content marketing; most business websites now have a blog section and video is the flavour of the month. We understand the basics of producing our own content, but it’s time to step it up. Here’s why, in 2019, business owners need to prioritise owned media to if they really want to capture the attention of customers.


Social is getting increasingly selfish

The biggest social channels don’t want you to leave their site, LinkedIn and Facebook penalise you for external links in posts, most channels open links in platform and the same is happening with Instagram with the shop now feature and tagged product posts. Reach is decreasing and organic visibility is low.

All of which means competing to be seen and heard is taking an increasing amount of effort – both time and economic. Through owned media businesses have the potential to build their own dedicated audience away from the main noisy social channels.


Business blogging won’t cut it in 2019

More than just the attention factor though, is the importance of getting people to care about you and your company. We only have to look at the newly released 2018 Christmas adverts to get a glimpse of what igniting emotions can do for businesses. Yet, still far and away the most common request we get from businesses is ‘can we update their blog’. Whilst the simple answer is yes, the right answer is that with creativity, a decent helping of insight, and a stir with the spoon of strategy we can deliver a programme of owned media that is surprising, discerning and/or entertaining and produces an emotional connection.

To really develop owned media, businesses need to consider and explore the many alternatives to written blogs; podcasts, VR, quizzes, animations, vlogs, even comics panels. Creating and producing owned media of this type is a worthwhile investment but if the temptation of a dedicated and returning audience isn’t enough, maybe this final point will be.


Owned media can help tackle business worries

Putting the effort into owned media means investigating your own business, in a way. It forces businesses to look at what’s happening on multiple levels, asks questions of behaviours and patterns and take a deeper look at customer interactions. The additional challenges facing many of our clients include improving internal reputation, breaking out of a tired corporate tone and building trust.

Owned media is a way to resolve, relieve and improve each of these challenges.

For example, a focus on owned media content can make staff feel more involved and in touch with what’s happening in the business – especially if a business chooses to make staff its own influencers and brand ambassadors.

It may sound like hard work, but keep these points in mind:

  • carefully planned and thought out owned media is more likely to resonate with your customers
  • those customers are more likely to trust you and care about the content your produce if they feel you care about them
  • exploring different forms of owned media is an opportunity to find a voice and way of communicating outside the standard and overused corporate tone of voice.

Make 2019 the year for owned media

We know many b2b companies struggle with getting their tone right, and settle into routines which follow a rotation of latest news, case studies and the staff day out posted up on websites. During this planning season ask whether your current own media content is building the relationships you want with your audience. If it is, great! If not, keep reading to find out how we can help.

Owned media strategy day

Our day long strategy sessions are a great way to explore, understand and harness owned media – we dig into what’s working and what’s not, where opportunities lie and we give you an complete action plan to create your 2019 owned media content.

By the end of the day, you’ll understand:

  • the different types of content and why/where they work
  • which are right for your business
  • how to know what appeals to your customer base (existing and/or target)
  • how to plan, create and publish incredible owned content which drives sales
  • how to measure owned media, understand data and use it to inform the creative process.


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