What’s driving the popularity of Leeds PR agencies?

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

It’s not big, but it is clever

When hiring any expert service for your business, it can feel reassuring to look to the biggest firm. Having access to a team of experts in their fields with unlimited resources sounds on paper like the perfect formula to achieve the results you need. In reality big firms equal big overheads (office space rental costs £50-£100 per square foot in London but Leeds in comparison averages £27.50 per square foot) which means bigger bills for you. And that big team? One skilled point of contact who truly understands your business and is fully accountable for what you need than be passed from pillar to post is far more worthwhile to your business than your account being split into little chunks amongst a team. If you’re wondering whether investing in Leeds PR agencies is worth it – we suggest looking at the whole picture of the agency you choose. 

Choosing a smaller company doesn’t mean smaller results 

A boutique business can provide the same full-service expertise as a big corporate agency, offering staff with more rounded experience which can in turn offer a more consultative, multi-skilled approach. Smaller firms also will not shy away from clients with a limited budget. They are in a position to be more responsive, affordable and results-driven.


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Leeds glorious Leeds

Of course, it would be remiss of us not to talk about the actual city itself. Leeds is the third-largest city in the UK with a population of 751,500 (that’s a skilled workforce of 1.4 million people in over 109,000 businesses) and a GVA (Gross Value Added) of £20bn. Despite the up and down state of the overall UK economy, business in Leeds is standing firm and set to grow by over 17% in the next 10 years.

The culture at Leeds PR agencies has shifted in recent years from a “work hard to play hard” climate (where the larger firms are demonstrating a 25% turnover of staff) to a much more flexible approach with indie firms committed to creating a great working environment and achieving a healthy work-life balance for staff.

It’s a shift that’s attracting attention; the Start-up Cities Index (which ranks the top 25 cities outside London) has given Leeds not only the second highest number of new start ups (4,275) but the survival rate of these indie businesses is 41.8% with a staff turnover of less than 5%. As for marketing talent, with 3,500 digital businesses in Leeds and 2,000 data scientists alone, there’s a larger concentration here than in any UK city outside of London.

Leeds PR agencies role in future growth

Looking to the future, with Leeds’ three excellent universities servicing around 65,000 students we have a constant flow of new talent and high employment rates (95% of Leeds Trinity University graduates, 96% of University of Leeds graduates and 97% of Leeds Beckett University graduates are employed within 6 months of graduating). As the results of investment in digital and tech start to become apparent and as Leeds continues on its path to become a top destination it’s likely that PR agencies in Leeds will be playing a significant role in shaping reputations and promoting the achievements of the businesses which call this prosperous city home. 

Local to you

Leeds has some of the best transport links in the UK for air travel, rail and motorway access but, as a Leeds PR firm that’s really passionate about renewable energy, we’re just as happy to be on the other side of a video conference call to lower your carbon footprint. If you’d like to explore opportunities for PR, drop us a line today.

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Lianne Marie is a Digital Marketing specialist here at InFusion. When she’s not trying to tackle air pollution in Leeds by convincing everyone to cycle, she’s usually found on Twitter or Instagram.