A different approach to the agency client relationship

Finding a PR agency to work with can be an intense process. We make it simpler, more effective and less stressful. 

Our client relationships matter to us. We like forming strong bonds, gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, and developing a sustained, lasting and fruitful relationship. We know your time is valuable, and most business owners we know don’t have much of it to spare.


How we work with you

If you ask our clients (and you can) it always starts with a discussion that includes questions, fact-finding, addressing concerns and making sure we fully understand your business and why you’re seeking PR consultancy.  During those discussion we want you to feel comfortable with us, we want you to be sure that we’re the right agency for you, and that you’re confident we understand what you want to achieve, or if you’re not sure, be confident that we’ll help you figure that out through ethical and professional advice.

We explain our client processes, the tools we use, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you as part of our ethically-focused operation we work on mutual respect, honesty and transparency.

From this, we summarise these discussions and put costs together and deliver in a clear, tailored 1-2 page max outline for you to approve or respond to with changes. Once that outline has been agreed we get to work.


Effort where it counts

Proposals and pitches are time consuming there’s no shying away from that. Because we’re focused on productivity and lean operation we genuinely believe our time is better spent building relationships with potential new clients than making them sit or read through a weighty pitch document. If that sounds like an approach which could work for you (we know it’s not going to suit everyone, and that’s ok) call us on the number at the top if you’re reading this on desktop, head to the contact page or click on one of our social icons to get in touch that way.

What would you ask if you had one hour with us?

Book a 1-2-1 and talk to us about your business.

Call 0113 247 2739, email us at brew@infusioncomms.co.uk or fill out the form and we’ll set it up.

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