Strategic Public Relations

Taking your communications in the right direction

Businesses often view public relations as the bit which comes in at the end of a development process but for us great public relations begins at board level and is a central element of business operations.

In order to influence we need to first understand. And this is where strategically-led PR can set a business apart. Through research, planning and active listening we build a picture of where our clients need to be, we’re clear on why this is right for them and we put a plan in place to make sure they get there.

We understand that achieving media coverage and raising awareness are what most people recognise as PR, and there’s absolutely place for that. Our strategic PR service goes deeper to understand why a business needs to achieve those headlines and what impact the results will have on the wider business objectives.

By forging strong relationships with people throughout organisations – starting at senior management level – we help businesses appreciate the value of strategic PR to the wider company.

Reputation management

Stakeholder perception and opinion of a brand or person within an organisation is fundamental to the success of a business. Reputations take time to build and in the modern media landscape need careful management using public relations to improve, sustain or change how people view and interact with a business.

Increasingly, we’re reading and hearing businesses talk about purpose. From sustainability to social responsibility communicating purpose is being treated as a core element of a company’s operations but if your public perception doesn’t match your actions it’ll cause reputation issues that are difficult to overcome.

Our PR support works to align actions, words and perception for ethical reputation management based in truth and transparency.

Crisis Communications

Crisis, or incident, communications is a very specific area of public relations. When things don’t go right, when a story breaks that could put a business or brand at risk crisis communications is used to navigate and support both businesses and their stakeholders through the storm.

How a business chooses to respond to a crisis can make or break how they come out the other side. By putting the right skills and techniques in place long before any kind of crisis hits, you put your business in the strongest position possible.

Whilst we build incident response into our fully retained PR service, we do offer a separate crisis comms training day which will give you the tools on how to respond to media enquiries, how and what to communicate and when, and what to do post-incident to mitigate long-term damage to reputation.

See our training and workshops section for more details on our dedicated crisis comms days.

PR tailored to you

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Our work always starts with a conversation. Book a call or meeting with us and we’ll listen to your story and help you establish if we’re the right agency to help you reach your goals.

What our clients say

“I wanted to send you this short note to thank you, on behalf of the entire team at Synaptec, for your efforts and dedication in your support to us as we progress our current projects during these challenging times. It is at times like these that we discover who are the high performing organisations that we can rely upon to be a trusted part of our supply chain and your organisation has certainly demonstrated that you are such a company.”

Dave Pratt, Chairman, Synaptec