PR and marketing consultancy

1-2-1 support, advice and guidance when you need it

Ad-hoc PR support for SMEs

If the support of a full-service PR agency isn’t right for your business right now, but you still need a little advice, insight and expertise to get your PR and marketing heading in the right direction, our PR consultancy service is the route to take.


PR support from an experience pro

During the sessions you’ll benefit from the experience, knowledge and creativity of an accredited PR practitioner who will work with you to create a clear plan of action and understand how communication activity fits into the wider business strategy.

From jump-starting your creative brain to uncovering stories hidden within your business, these sessions help you organise and shape those different elements into an implementable communication plan that positively impacts your business.


Helping you stay on top of developments in PR and marketing

In digital marketing and PR tactics like SEO, content marketing and social media marketing are continually evolving. During a PR consultancy session we cover the latest developments in these areas, provide advice on what you need to pay attention to and, importantly, what you don’t, to enable effective use of these tactic within your business.


How do our PR consultancy sessions work?

Prior to the session we will establish what you need and want to achieve from your time, including the most pressing communication and marketing issues. Then during a structured two hour or half day session we give you the tools, available options and plan to progress your communication activity to the next stage.

At the end of the session we book in an accountability call at a future date (between 1-3 months post-meeting) agreed by both parties to follow up and check in on progress and pick up on any areas which may be causing a bottle neck.


Who is InFusion’s PR consultancy service for?

Our PR consultancy service is for business owners and marketing managers who recognise that PR has a role to play in their organisations but are unsure how to implement a PR strategy, or employ the right tactics to support other marketing efforts. It provides expert support, accountability and hand-holding to bring public relations into the fold.

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What could two hours' uninterrupted time with an experienced PR pro help you achieve?


Sara has helped me with my own content strategy and pulls me in line if I deviate. I admire her for her expertise, but most of all her honesty that what she advises will ensure the best result.
Marianne Smith, Doo Marketing