Video and Podcasts

Helping businesses embrace a visual and voice-led world

Video marketing and podcasting are growing areas of PR and marketing for b2b businesses – particularly in the specialist sectors in which we work. From glowing video testimonials to sweeping drone shots of factory sites video marketing is a high-impact way to tell a story and share news. Audio content, too, is a powerful way to build thought leadership, and expertise in a specific area and an audience keen to listen and share what you have to say.

Our video marketing service and business podcasting service provide the tools, support and strategy to successful embed video and audio into your wider marketing strategies.

The role of video in PR

Video is part of our every day online lives, from YouTube to Instagram stories to LinkedIn feed video to FaceTime with those we love. Storytelling in business has evolved from written words to visual media and in public relations, video has a significant role to play in conveying key messages about products, people and purpose.

Video is increasingly used in social media, media relations campaigns and in outbound marketing to showcase and explain complex products, behind the scenes insight and demonstrate experience and knowledge. However, like all communication tactics, video needs a strategy.

Video marketing strategy

Video may look like stand alone marketing tactic but it too needs a why, what and how to make it an effective tool for businesses. We work with you to build a robust video marketing strategy that looks at where and how your video or video marketing series will be used.

Why start a b2b podcast?

Podcasting has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the early 2000s. It’s been around as a medium for years but never gained real traction until the rest of the voice operated market caught up. In the b2b world, podcasting is growing in popularity with business-related podcasts springing up every week.

Should you start a business podcast?

Podcasting can be a fantastic avenue to build thought leadership and become known as an expert in a particular field. Despite, the seeming surge in podcasting, there are still many niche and specialists sectors which don’t have much in the way of podcasts. If you have something to say, a means to interview interesting people, or burning industry topics to explore then podcasting is definitely an option to consider.

podcast studio LeedsSupport for business podcasts

To meet this rising demand for audio content we have a dedicated facility with on-site producer to help you plan, record, edit and distribute your podcast on places like iTunes.

Our dedicated studio enables you to create a brilliant podcast without the investment in high quality equipment. It’s a soundproof space to host interviews and record at your own pace. Our producer can then edit and prepare your podcast for distribution, whilst our digital marketing team can ensure it’s on all the major podcast players.

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