PR Training and Workshops

Giving you and your team the skills to communicate effectively

We provide a range of training course to support business owners and their teams in different areas of public relations and marketing. They range from half day workshops to full day training sessions. All of our workshops are bespoke to each client’s needs and can be held either at our Leeds office or client offices.

Below is a list of the main training workshops we provide, but if there is something more focused or specific you’d like us to deliver to your team, send us a message with your query.

Media Training

Knowing how to ace a media interview without dodging questions or getting flustered by a tough line of questioning takes skill and practise. We provide both at our media training workshops. The day is split into two parts – theory and practise – to help you understand different interview techniques, when and why they’re used and ways to navigate them.

For us, media training isn’t about teaching CEOs how to avoid answering questions it’s about managing your relationship with stakeholders, communicating a message and sustaining trust in your brand.

Our Leeds-based media training days include on-camera interviews to replicate a broadcast interview, and radio-style interviews in our dedicated studio. Our media training days are suitable for senior leaders and we can train groups of up to four people in each session. This enables us to give everyone a considerable amount of time in the practical session.

Cost per session: £895

image shows a video camera screen with two people in frame.

“We’ve all taken a lot away that we can put into practise and now feel confident we can handle any interview.”

Guy Coggrave, GSC Grays.

Social media training

Our social media training gives you the tools to manage your social profiles, become a socially engaged business owner and ensure your employees have guidelines and structure to avoid any potentially damaging social media mishaps.

Social media training for directors

For managing directors and CEOs, being visible and active on social media comes at great risk. Yet, increasingly, the public expects brand leaders to be visible and engaged on public channels – not just during a crisis.

Our workshops for senior business leaders take away the worry over social platforms by giving you the tools to post, respond and represent your business on social platforms.

Social media training for teams

When more than one person is responsible for social media in an organisation it’s important to maintain consistency and structure. During our team social training we cover dos and don’ts, processes to help manage social channels, explain why consistency of style in text and images is important and how to manage a social media crisis. It will give your team the confidence and understanding to manage your brand’s online reputation.

Social media training sessions start at £495

Crisis Communication/Incident Response

This intense session is designed to help teams understand how to recognise a crisis situation in their business, and how to manage it through effective communication with stakeholders.

Our comprehensive crisis communications training will help you identify a chain of communication, the right spokespeople, how and when to communicate and on what channel.

We will cover each stage of a crisis – before, during and after – including:

  • how to spot an impending crisis
  • consideration of multiple scenarios
  • preparing key messages and statements
  • timeframes for communication
  • communication on different channels
  • lessons learned
  • how and when to update your crisis communications plan

At the end of the full-day session attendees will:

  • be able to identify and pre-empt a crisis situation
  • understand the vital first steps and what process to follow in the event of a crisis
  • be clear on what to say and when, and what the appropriate chain of command is.
  • have the confidence to communicate effectively to minimise risk and impact to the business.

The sessions can be hosted in-house or at our offices on the outskirts of Leeds, where there is ample parking.

Crisis Communication training sessions start at £1299