What I know as a trade PR specialist

Posted by Sara Hawthorn
need a trade pr specialist

Trade PR has been the dominant industry of my career, I’ve dabbled in consumer PR and supported third sector companies but trade has been my steady love. After almost 12 years in weird and wonderful niche sectors, I’ve absorbed more than my fair share of random information, here are some of the weird facts that my brain has retained and things I’ve learned along the way.

  • I know the farmer’s wife has final say.
  • I know about laminar flow and turbulent flow.
  • I know that pulse crops give nutrients and much needed nitrogen to the soil.
  • I know how an MVHR system works and why correctly fitted pipework is important.
  • I know that minimum tillage has significant benefits over ploughing.
  • I know how to sit perfectly still and take a photo of a field, lest the old box perched precariously on the tractor gives way.
  • I know how and why solar thermal differs from solar PV
  • I know that the queues for the ladies at trade events are significantly lower than other shows.
  • I know that if the only option is a factory floor toilet, I can hold it.
  • I know that I hate pink PPE (luminous yellow is grand, thanks)
  • I know how to not get fleeced during a boiler service
  • I know that despite sitting through several training days I still couldn’t fix a boiler
  • I know that most tradespeople are hard working and proud of what they do
  • I know that tradespeople still love a freebie
  • I know how to not get lost in the NEC car park
  • I know that some editors are better at using glue and sticks to make things than others
  • I know that celebrity builder and first Big Brother winner Craig Philips is a good judge of above mentioned glue and stick efforts
  • I know what a piezoelectric stack is
  • I know I still quite enjoy a good factory tour

Why tell you all this?

Because specialising in an area requires more than a top-line understanding of the subject and good Googling skills. It’s about understanding the specific challenges of an industry, asking questions about the technical detail, being able to absorb all of that and turn it into meaningful stories, news and communications that give your customers an accurate impression of who you are, what you do and why.

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