That’s Not What I Meant – a podcast for a confusing time

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

Yes, this is another ‘I launched a podcast’ blog. Like everyone else and their goldfish, I’m bringing another podcast to an already crowded market. Why would I do it?

To be fair, this has been bubbling away for a while. I had thoughts and shapes of something but couldn’t quite pin it down. It was only after attending and speaking at a conference in January that it really began to take shape. 

Right now no-one knows what the heck is actually going on and conflicting messages are being flung at us by businesses, governments and health professionals. It is peak miscommunication, misinterpretation and we’re all dealing with the consequences of our chosen actions. What better time to launch a podcast called That’s Not What I Meant?

As a professional communicator, I’ve always been fascinated by how we understand, process and respond to the millions of messages and signals we receive. What one person perceives as a crystal clear message, another may find vague and frustrating. Why does that happen? Why as a collective are we generally so poor at communicating with each other and what problems does that cause?

That is what this podcast sets out to explore. Whilst it seems particularly relevant right now, it’s an ever-present challenge – and not just for professional communicators. I’ll be speaking to people about many topics around how, what, what we communicate and how and why others react the way they do to what we say and do. 

You can listen and subscribe on Podbean, on iTunes and on Spotify, episode one is available now – and it’s non-Covid related! On it I’m joined by Dr Sally Jones of Manchester Metropolitan University as we look at why and how the language of entrepreneurship impacts women.