My InFusion Experience

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

From the very moment I started studying media at Sixth Form College I instantly became hooked on the subject and over the two year duration of my course I developed a hungry desire to thrive in this field. After leaving college I then decided I wanted to expand upon my knowledge further particularly within the marketing / advertising industry.

So far my first year at university has been a blast; I have made lots of new friends, gained a handful of skills and learned lots of new things. After having completed all of my academic modules, the only thing left to do was to complete a professional placement.

Enter InFusion Comms, a boutique Leeds PR agency specialising in B2B PR. After a two week placement, here’s what I learned.

A change in lifestyle

Leaving university and going straight into full time work has been a big change as it has created a whole new lifestyle for me. I am in a new town with new opportunities, surrounded by new people. It’s almost like starting fresher’s week again, well, except for the working part! At first the idea of leaving my friends at university behind and commuting to a new town every morning all alone was daunting however the friendly faces here at InFusion have made me feel right at home.

An exciting experience

Placement has been an exciting time for me both personally and professionally. Because I have never been in any line of professional work and have previously only worked in small cafes and restaurants, getting out into the industry for the first time has been a new and exciting experience.

I have been given so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have been given if I were stuck at university in a lecture hall all day. For example, on Wednesday I morning I got a chance to experience my first ever professional meeting with Pudsey Labour  Party. On Thursday I then got a chance to meet and interview a client, these are things I never saw myself doing before starting placement.

From these experiences I feel like I have gained both professional and communication skills, which I will be taking with me into further studies and along my future career path.

I have also had a number of opportunities to showcase some of the skills I have learned at university during this work placement. For example I have had the chance to undertake social media research, and produce info-graphics and blog posts for new clients which is the kind of work that I love doing.

A challenging environment

Aside from the great opportunities placement does come with its challenges. One of the main challenges for me has been trying to adapt to working hours and working in a professional environment. Being out in the working world has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has been a real eye opener for me, there is definitely a lot more pressure to be punctual and to produce results which can be slightly daunting. However that being said, these pressures help you learn a lot about yourself such as your strengths, weaknesses and even hidden talents.

Learning to expect the unexpected

My placement at InFusion has been unexpected, before starting I expected to be sat in the office all day however I have been active and out of office on several occasions. Furthermore, the environment here at InFusion is not what I was expecting, I was expecting to walk into a big office with people sat at their desk working 9-5, however InFusion is based in a small office and is a much more relaxed environment with colleagues working flexibly and remotely.

To summarise so far, my placement at InFusion has been a valuable experience, one which I will not forget. After only a short period of being here I have learned so many new skills. I have now grown much more confident in the work I do and I feel like I am now a more experienced undergraduate.

Feeling like part of the team at InFusion.