Specialist, not generalist

We bring industry knowledge to the table

Industry knowledge is a powerful tool for specialist PR agencies. In a complex market sector such as energy, the challenges and issues can change week by week. Our clients choose to work with us because of our understanding of these sectors and our commitment to keeping it up to date. Here you will find a list of the industries we’re dedicated to working alongside.


Renewable Energy and CleanTech

As we progress through the global energy transition, the way renewable and clean energy companies communicate is increasingly important. Our knowledge and experience in this sector is helping our clean tech clients share their contribution to a better world, anticipate the latest news topics and stay ahead of competitors in the demand for attention.

100mm KEAH Plastic Pipe Chamfer

Built Environment

We have over a decade of experience working in the construction and built environment sectors. It’s given us a unique insight into how this complex and vital sector works. Too often the focus is on bad news in an industry that’s full of brilliant developments, innovation and progress. We bring positive PR to this significant contributor to the UK economy.

manufacturing marketing


Manufacturing has as special place in UK industry. Manufacturers face a particular set of challenges and it takes a team who recognises these challenges to formulate a communication and marketing plan which will help businesses in this sector achieve their goals. We’ve worked with steel manufacturers, partition manufacturers, insulation manufacturers, and HVAC manufacturers to name a few. We’re used to donning PPE and being on the factory or shop floor, getting our hands dirty – literally – to help our clients shape and share the story about what they do and how they do it.

rural PR specialists

Rural and Farming

At a time when the climate, the land, what we produce and what we eat is front and centre of the media, we help rural and agricultural businesses communicate with different stakeholders, promote the rural industry and champion the contributions of rural businesses to both the UK and global economy. We’ve worked with seed breeders, machinery manufacturers, professional services and farming products manufacturers.