Learning the lingo in technical PR and what it all means as a journalist part 3

Posted by Evie Whitaker

As my time at Infusion Comms comes to an end, I feel enlightened into a more realistic world of PR, whilst learning a variety of skills that are not just transferable to journalism, but life in business.

Don’t be hasty

Working in PR has taught me to be much more thoughtful with my ideas, from planning to executing them. If you can’t take your time and plan your idea well, it’s likely that the execution will not be as successful as as it could have been. To be quick and rash in business can set you up for failure, when often all it takes is some extra thought and planning, with genuine incentives to reach success.

For instance, a new product that you think is amazing- which it may well be- so all you want to do is launch it for quick success. However, if you haven’t planned a strategy for that launch, cooperating with publications, utilising social media, thinking about why it’s relevant in today’s industry, you could have just launched a product into thin air.

PR has taught me that there is so much more to this, for anything to gain momentum you need to put thought into it. As a journalist, before publishing an article or blog post, this may require thought into how the topic may be relevant if it isn’t already, ensuring it’s has a fresh and relatable spin that I can translate through different platforms. Even if I think that people should care about the topic, they aren’t obliged to and therefore I have the job of making people see why the topic is important to them in some way.

Be relatable and genuine

When you walk into InFusion Comms and work with clients, there’s a real sense of what you see is what you get. The team don’t offer a glamorised service that focuses on the cosmetics of a brand. They’re a grounded PR company that has your business’ genuine, best interests in mind to ensure that what people hear, read and see about you, reflects your company’s ethos.

There’s nothing more refreshing these days than complete transparency, whether it’s  a make-up free post on Instagram or what your brand promises to provide to customers, it’s all the rage, mainly because we can all relate. So what better way to do PR than in a truthful, no unnecessary fuss, no empty promises way.

This attitude is something I have truly learnt from and will carry with me through my career in journalism. If you’re not passionate about something, or you don’t believe what you’re saying, the outcome will never reach its full potential. Don’t cut corners or preach something that isn’t real, in today’s society with ridiculous expectations and shallow media, it’s more important to be as relatable and transparent than ever.


Author Bio: My name is Evie, I am an aspiring writer, currently studying Journalism at Leeds Trinity University. After just finishing my first year, I have joined the InFusion Comms team on placement, where I’ll be gaining some experience in the world of technical PR for the next month. I’ll be blogging about my experiences and what I learn along the way.