Motiv Productions

Expert guidance and support to align customer data and sales


  • Achieved 44% ROI
  • Provided CRM and email marketing support for Motiv Productions

Building long-term relationships with our clients is important at InFusion. That’s why, after a 4 year relationship with Motiv Productions, managing director Paul came to us for support with CRM and email marketing.

The process:

Discussions and meetings with clients are crucial to understand what we can do to help them achieve results. Following an interview with Paul, we established that Motiv did not have any formal process for managing and communicating with their contact base of existing clients or tracking the sales process.

We explained the benefits of having a great CRM in place:

  • It allows different people with different functions in the business to communicate independently with clients whilst being aware of other communication that is happening
  • It allows them to maintain regular contact by providing a clear trail of communications and allows you to schedule reminders it’s time to get back in touch.

When Motiv understood how and why they needed to get their databases in order, we then began to audit their data.  

Our analytics specialist, Lianne-Marie, helped Motiv to upload their confirmed data onto the CRM system she knew was right for them and then gave training on how to use it.

Although Motiv Productions are still in the adoption phase of their new CRM system, we have given them confidence and support to categorise their contacts in a useful way and have a strategic overview of how often they are contacting customers and prospects, where in the sales process they are and give the whole team the power to share knowledge.

As a direct result of our work, we have helped Motiv Productions secure new contracts with a value that equated to a 44% return on their investment with us.