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Posted by Sara Hawthorn

In 2016 research revealed that UK businesses lost a whopping £750 million each year as a result of poor time management. The figures broke the issues down into employees spending less than 60% of the day on productive activity as a result of:

  • Searching for missing documents (over an hour a day for 57% of office staff)
  • Recreating documents they couldn’t find (20% of staff)
  • Email (50% of time spent, yet only 14% of emails sent are crucial to work activity)
  • Meetings (30% of time spent in meetings is wasted)
  • Unnecessary interruptions (80% are considered trivial)


Imagine what your business could do with the 4 hours per average day spent managing email – it’s not uncommon for the average person to handle over 300 internal emails per week and send an average of 122 per day. Imagine the time that could be saved on travelling to meetings, attending them and then dealing with the follow up actions.

But what is the solution?

Around ten years ago, businesses looked to the tech leader of the time and began to adopt Microsoft’s suggestion of Instant messaging to combat this issue but the impact this had on productivity was quickly cancelled out by widespread adoption of Smartphones. BYOD was good news for the growth of social media, another major distraction for employees, but was a massive contributing factor to poor work life balance and further time management issues.

In a creative space, collaboration is key, and taking inspiration from the likes of Pixar and Google, whose office spaces are designed to encourage interaction (with every employee being no less than 150 feet from food and everything being open plan and without hierarchy) it’s possible to recreate this kind of informal collaboration in a digital space whilst also being more organised.

how messaging apps can improve productivity

How instant messaging apps can improve productivity

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Instant messaging apps, such as Slack, are widely used by many businesses to improve internal communication (achieving an average 48.6% reduction in internal email) but they can also work in other ways to help supply shared media content, making a team comprised of mixed abilities when it comes to being twitter-savvy more inclusive and more productive.


Lacking strategy or leadership? If you’re not sure where to start with improving your approach to social media, we suggest a frank and useful conversation over a brew.


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