How Leeds pr agencies can help small businesses

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

For Leeds pr agencies this upswing in fortune is a perfect opportunity to help the estimated 6000 SMEs that have made their home here. If you’re considering bringing a PR company on board here’s some of our top reasons to make a Leeds PR agency your top choice.

What can Leeds pr agencies offer?

You mean in addition to the fact that our digital scene is thriving, our progressive approach is causing waves and we’re all plain speaking, know-where-you-are, salt of the earth types who aren’t afraid of grafting? Well, if you really need a definitive list:


A specialism to suit…

There’s a real array of Leeds pr agencies – all with different specialisms and areas of expertise so the chances of finding one which knows and understands your industry are pretty high.  

A size to fit…

From solo consultants to substantial agencies there is a size to fit your business. Which is good news considering the continuing trend of hiring boutique-style agencies over the larger corporate beasts commonly found in the south.

A central location…

Located almost smack in the middle of the country with access to major motorways, trains passing through from almost every other major UK city and an expanding airport, Leeds is ideally positioned for businesses around both the region and the rest of the UK.

A workforce that’s young, growing and on a mission

Everyone thinks their scene is the best, but in Leeds we have the figures to back it up. Our creative industry is flourishing, it’s getting the investment it needs and attracting the right talent to sustain it for the long term. The people working in it are committed to creating a centre of excellence and buoyed up by the increasing number of opportunities for business.

digital PR in Leeds

Publications, bloggers and influencers, oh my!

Leeds has a fantastic media industry, from city buzz publications to the respected and established Yorkshire Post newspaper and dedicated business magazines like Insider to lifestyle magazines such as Yorkshire Life, there’s no shortage of coverage opportunities for your business.

And, as we look beyond traditional media relations, the number of Leeds bloggers has risen steadily as the city embraces its reputation for food, fashion and football. Working in partnership with bloggers and influencers is an increasingly popular way to connect with new customers (and existing ones) in a different way.


Getting to the heart of your business, in the heart of Yorkshire

Of course, there’s a chance we’re a little bit biased but the facts speak for themselves – Leeds PR agencies are a good bet for SMEs, regardless of whether you’re in Yorkshire, Lancashire (controversial!), the south, Scotland or even further afield. In an area brimming with enthusiasm, excitement and so much potential it’s no wonder we PR pros are delivering better results for clients and striving to create a respected and modern profession. 

Interested in working together? Let us know. 


Feature image by Lad2011 (Own work)