How our brand story can change the direction of yours

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

When InFusion began I had a rough idea of what I wanted the brand to look like and how I wanted it to be perceived. But achieving that didn’t happen overnight, or over the course of a couple of months. In fact it took three years to get even remotely close to where I wanted it to be.

The evolution of our business cards is a good representation of how InFusion has developed, each version marks an important stage in getting to where we are now. So here’s our journey as played out in the medium of bits of cardboard we like giving out to people we meet.

  1. InFusion Origins: A lack-of-budget storyrecommended PR agencies in Yorkshire

    It was minimal, basic and well…not brilliant. The poor logo (which I did and still do love very much) was just plonked on there along with some contact details. It deserved better, but for the first year everything was being done on a thread of a shoestring; I worked at a dining room table, taught myself WordPress (sort of), tried to learn proper coding (nope, just nope), and ate a lot of soup and toast.  This card was the start of something which is why I keep a couple tucked away. There were no bells or whistles on this card, no spot UV or high quality art board or silk finishes, it was a solid card which got the job done. Which is exactly what InFusion was during that first year.

  2. InFusion Assembles: Building the story arc

    InFusion's second business cardI refer to this as InFusion’s adolescence; things were taking shape, I was figuring out what mattered to me and zoning in on what I really wanted the company to become. There’s still some questionable choices going on here, but it was crispier, clearer and on better quality paper. Things were looking up. I’d spoken to enough businesses to realise that one of the biggest challenges around was lack of skill in basic communication. Speaking or writing with clear intent, not being tempted to use buzzwords and conveying key messages so people listened were big issues for many businesses and giving them the support and skills to improve these aspects was the nucleus of InFusion.

  3. InFusion Rises – Dawn of the brand InFusion's current business card

    In year three we achieved spot UV. And it was glorious. The cog design, which our designer Alison came up with, is a beautiful extension of the original logo and fitting because InFusion was also expanding. There are now three of us; a triumvirate of specialists in PR, copywriting, design and data marketing. The company has moved out of a home office to office space in Farsley, Leeds and we even created our own tea this year to celebrate our third birthday.


How our brand journey can support yours

Throughout InFusion’s continued evolution I’ve tried to keep true to the core elements of what I wanted the brand and the company to be when I first started trading in July 2013. Holding on to that thread can be difficult and often businesses lose their way as they grow and expand, or, the original thread changes into something else but it’s unclear just what it now represents.

Helping you reclaim your brand and gain control over the way it’s used is a huge part of what we do for clients. We understand the challenges of sustaining a business brand; from the language you use to talk about your business to the way other people choose to talk about your company.

If the challenges we’ve mentioned above sound familiar and being able to manage your brand effectively sounds like a welcome relief, talk to us and tell us about all the highs and lows of your brand journey and we’ll start smoothing out the road.

Managing Director at InFusion Comms

Sara Hawthorn is MD and founder of InFusion Comms