Engaging email marketing with Worldpay

Posted by Sara Hawthorn
Back in October I started a project on behalf of marketing automation company Force 24 for one of their biggest clients, Worldpay. The email marketing campaign was aimed at small business owners who were either new to card payments, or considering starting to accept cards either through online retailing or face-to-face. 

It needed to be personal, focussed on the benefits of joining Worldpay and contain statistics that were eye-catching and relevant to the recipients. This was a great project to work on as Worldpay has a detailed and appealing tone of voice to play with. 

email marketing and automation
A clear structure of stats, benefits and calls to action in this email demands attention from readers.


As this was a series of emails over a fixed time period it was a great opportunity to build up momentum and drive home the key messages Worldpay wanted to get across to potential new customers. 

marketing automation
Building up momentum in email marketing campaigns

Plus, with projects like this the research part can be a lot of fun. Digging around the internet to find obscure and gobsmacking statistics which will be remembered by the target audience.

With personalisation set to be huge in 2016, are your email marketing efforts are really connecting with your audience? If not, chat to me today and improve your email marketing responses.