DisAbility PR Network – The Agency Mailbox

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

Conversations around disability are tough to start and it’s understandable that many agency owners shy away from it and favour saying nothing at all. But here’s the thing, agency leaders and comms folk – I know you have questions. One to one, I’ve been asked lots of things about my hearing loss, but discussion and openness is noticeably quieter in the public domain. If you have questions for me, then you have questions for others and about disability in general.

Whether it’s fear of being judged in the court of social media or worried that the question/s you have may be rude, awkward or silly something is stopping us speaking out.

Maybe you just don’t get it, maybe you think it’s a lot of effort, cost and paperwork. The point is we don’t know what you think because until now there’s been no way for you to speak up and find answers from the disabled community in a calm and helpful way.

The Agency Mailbox

But now there is a way to send us your big questions on disability – from hiring to daily agency life, from myth busting to general FAQs send us your questions to The Agency Mailbox and we’ll find you the answers you need and post them either here on the blog or on our soon-to-be launched podcast.

Go on. Ask.