Creative owned media content

Engage your audience your way

Businesses are take increasing ownership of the communications and content they produce. From memes to ebooks, to newsletters and animations, brands are getting braver and bolder in the owned media they create.

We’ve worked with clients to produce, ebooks and white papers, video mini-series, animations, newsletters, podcasts and blog content campaigns.  We produce work in house and work with a close-knit team of designers and producers, all of whom have experience in our specialist sectors of PR.

Why should content marketing be part of your comms activity?

As print and even some online media outlets struggle to survive due to lack of sustainable advertising and successful subscription models, the creation of owned media has never been more relevant or more important for brands to create and curate their own audience. From creating your own podcast series to developing your own brand journalism or creating an Alexa Skill there are endless options for content marketing.

In specialist sectors like energy tech, renewables and manufacturing this is especially vital. Content marketing gives businesses the space and freedom to go into a level of technical depth and insight often missing from media relations alone. It’s an opportunity to answer questions from potential customers, to delve into topics, issues and challenges affecting your sector at large, or to work with your audience to produce game-changing industry research.

There’s so much that a considered content marketing strategy can help businesses achieve – from strengthening existing client relationships to securing new customers, to driving industry change.

Struggling to generate content in-house?

62% of businesses outsource their content marketing

We can support all the elements of content marketing – creation, publishing, distribution and strategy. From advising on how to repurpose existing content to delivering inspiring ideas for brand new content work with us for content marketing that delivers results.

How we can support you with content marketing

We’ve worked with our energy tech and manufacturing clients to produce informative video and blog series, ebooks, newsletters and social media campaigns. We bring a blend of creativity, strategy and PR skills to identify, implement and measure the right content marketing campaign for your business.

Below are just a few recent examples of what we’ve produced for clients.