Business podcasting in niche markets

Posted by Sara Hawthorn
business podcasting in 2020

Podcasts are to marketing what video was 5 years ago. Everyone has a podcast and if they don’t they’re planning to launch one. 

The thing is, most of us bloomin’ love a podcast. We talk about our favourite ones the way we talk about favourite TV shows, we swap recommendations and we listen on commutes, whilst we’re pottering about the house or making dinner. We like them for a reason. 

Podcasts fit around our lives in a way that watching a screen sometimes can’t and there’s something to suit every taste – from real-life crime stories to incredible untold stories of history, to business guides which give us access to insight and interviews with inspiring people. 

And, although it may feel like business podcasting is already an overtired trend, potential is still there to carve out something unique to your sector. 


How to create an industry specific podcast

One of the most fantastic things about podcasts – for me – is how nerdy they can go and still deliver must-listen content. For example, a favourite podcast of mine is Double Love, a podcast entirely about the Sweet Valley High books of 80s and 90s teen girl fame. Each episode a book in the series gets reviewed without the rose tinted specs of our youthful reader memories and the results are hilarious. I’m often left thinking how did I ever love these books so much?

It’s incredibly niche but I never miss an episode.

Being in a specialist market sector doesn’t exclude you from podcasting, rather it presents an opportunity to carve out a space unique to your industry sector and personal experience. If there are big changes afoot in your sector – say farming or the energy sector, then there’s scope for a podcast in which you and or/special guests can geek out and tell people all the amazing things going on that no-one would otherwise know about. 


Podcasting for thought leadership

I have a love/hate relationship with this term. It’s overused, definitely, but it’s also useful to help businesses understand how to set themselves apart using their knowledge and experience in PR and marketing. Starting a podcast in a niche area is all about standing out as the person who’s passionate, engaged and all-in on their particular field and drawing others to you because of that. 

A well-structured podcast is the perfect vehicle to create and build that audience. 

A sector specific business podcast enables you to tackle a different challenge, question or emerging topic each episode or series, to garner opinion and insight from other interesting industry professionals through interviews or to showcase industry examples and shine a light on the good things happening within your sector space. 


Business podcasts in 2020

Before writing off podcasts as an overdone fad in 2020, consider the following:

  • What’s missing from the news and conversations around your specialist sector?
  • Are you experienced and knowledgeable in your field?
  • What do you want to hear about your industry and from whom?
  • Can you add value to the conversation?

The answers to the above may lead you to reconsider a podcast as a means of contributing to your sector outside of your standard business operations. And if it does, give this podcast a listen on what you need to know about podcasting in 2020.