Are you making the most of LinkedIn for your business?

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

Because LinkedIn could learn a few things about empowering their community, we’re going to share three things you may have missed this year on LinkedIn for your business pages.

1. Company Page
Initially just a placeholder for you and other employees to connect their individual accounts to, company pages evolved to become a brandable hub which could post updates and attract followers in their own right. If it’s been a while since you updated, search for your company page on LinkedIn, select “manage page” to access it and familiarise yourself with the new structure of three tabs: recent updates, analytics and notifications for your company page (broken down into “likes and shares,” “comments” and “mentions.”)

2. Showcase Pages
For companies with multiple products or services, Showcase Pages were designed to branch out from your company page and reflect those individual brands. This allows you to streamline your communications so that your customers see updates just on the products or services which are the most relevant to them.

3. Groups
Joining or creating an industry group on LinkedIn is a great way to share content, ask your peers for their advice or opinions, post and view jobs, make new contacts, and promote your skills to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Your recent activity now shows up on your personal profile so make those comments count!

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