About InFusion

Why what we do matters to you

When you think of public relations what comes to mind?
Press releases? Headlines? Spin?

All of the above?

The reality is that public relations is a rich and evolving resource which comprises traditional media relations, content marketing, influencer relations, social media, copywriting and video to name a few.

We don’t ‘do PR’. Neither do we ‘utilise communications strategies to deliver viable solutions that amplify and funnel down into both bottom and top line business objectives’.

We speak plainly, we use public relations as a tool to improve how, where and why businesses communicate with their publics. We measure, we work hard to keep our industry knowledge up-to-date and relevant.

About InFusion Comms
What does that mean for your business?

At InFusion we draw on an assortment of tools, select the right combination and use them to shape a structured and cohesive strategy for each of our clients.

Sounds great, in theory, but day-to-day what does that look like for your business? Put simply we will lead you, advise you and use our expertise ethically to communicate who you are, what you do and why.

How can we help you with positive PR?

Our expert help can support your business growth, talk to us about what you want to achieve.

Call for a chat on 0113 247 2739, email us at brew@infusioncomms.co.uk or request more information using this form.

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Our people

Sara Hawthorn

I’ve worked in the media and communications industry since fax machines were the main distribution method and an Apple Mac screen was about the same size as the latest smartphone is now. I started InFusion because I wanted to do work that made me proud to be in PR. As a technical public relations specialist I’ve knowledge and experience of many niche industries; from farming to construction to cleantech and renewable energy PR.

I’m committed to improving the diversity and accessibility of the communications industry, specifically in the field of disability. I’ve written about this quite a bit which you can read here, here and here, and I work closely with different organisations to tackle the low numbers of disabled people working in the comms industry.

When I step away from InFusion I’m either dancing, baking or reading. Often, I’m dancing around the kitchen whilst holding a book.

Image shows Daniela Hamill in InFusion offices

Daniela Hamill
Account Executive

Having stepped out of school with no idea of what I wanted to do, I started working as a social media assistant for a small company. Since then, I have continued to develop a strong interest in digital marketing and communications which has led me to where I am today. Working at InFusion alongside my Public Relations and Journalism studies at Leeds Beckett University helps me put everything I am learning into practice and is a great base for (what I hope to be) a long and successful career in PR and marketing.

Outside of the office and lecture halls, you will most likely find me eating pizza, singing along (badly) to musical theatre songs or taking photos of my dog.