25 PR story ideas to spark your 2020 creativity

Posted by Sara Hawthorn

As much as we’d love every business to start their PR journey with a research-led strategy and take a long-term approach to communication activity we know in reality that PR is sporadic and reactive for many businesses. If that sounds familiar, we can still help and present you with a Christmas freebie to generate some media coverage for your business in 2020.

We’ve compiled a range of suggestions from celebrating new employees to organising a press visit, and whilst not all will be relevant or suitable, some may spark other ideas that could work better for your business. The great thing about the 25 PR story ideas we’ve provided is that they stretch across industries and sectors – so whether you’re in a niche area like energy tech, the professional services sector, or construction and manufacturing, there’s something here for everyone.


Drawing a blank on obvious PR opportunities? Download our free 2020 story bingo and start generating some headlines.


Print it out and keep it on your desk or save it in your marketing folders and refer to it when you’re in need of some inspiration. And, don’t forget to let us know how many you ticked off in 2020.

Enjoy some free PR on us.