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Public Relations

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Effective PR and media relations, without the spin

We provide strategic and measured PR services to a range of businesses but we specialise in renewable energy pr, environment and the construction sectors. We’re compulsive storytellers – our journalistic heritage drives us to create and tell stories which resonate and appeal to the emotions in us all. Working with us means discovering hidden gems buried in your business, shaping and sharing the narratives of your team and converting people to your cause.

From consultation to campaign

Some businesses may just need a little help in the shape of a consultancy service and others may need a full programme of PR support. Flexibility is a huge part of all our PR services, so companies can get the right level of service for their budget and requirements. And, as a Leeds pr agency we’re ideally located to reach you, whether you’re north, south, east or west. 

Focusing on the details

In PR the detail is important; the why, what, where and how, they all contribute towards building an effective PR plan which works for your business. When you work with us we ask a lot of questions to figure out what’s important to you, your customers and the people you’re trying to reach, we dig deep to understand your business. Our process isn’t superficial; we want to get to know your business, we want to meet you regularly, talk to your team, we want to be involved. This is how we reach the good stuff – the stories that need to be told and the news that could mean big things for your business. 

Measurement Matters

Generating headlines is great, but we care about what that actually means for your business. Those column inches, social shares and online articles need to translate into something tangible; increased website conversions, higher sales, better product or company reviews or increased customer loyalty. Without the metrics, PR is just spin and empty words. We focus on measuring our work for you and the real benefits it brings to your business.