What’s happening with InFusion PR in 2016?

What’s happening with InFusion PR in 2016?

2016 has been an incredible year so far for InFusion, it’s rare that I post company updates; as a rule I generally dislike the whole ‘how great am I/a

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2016 has been an incredible year so far for InFusion, it’s rare that I post company updates; as a rule I generally dislike the whole ‘how great am I/are we’ shout outs, but there’s so much happening and exciting projects in the pipeline, I wanted to blog a little about where the company is now and what that means for existing and new clients (hello potential new clients, tea?).

New offices for InFusion

The biggest upcoming change is that the company is moving into a new office. From the beginning of May, InFusion will be based in Farsley, sharing a fantastic space with talented video production company Lucas Media. It means clients can now come directly to the space for meetings, briefings, tea and cake, and have direct access to a whole other range of services.


Great client partnerships

The decision to move was helped along by a wave of new clients choosing to work with InFusion on a range of projects from construction trade PR campaigns to website refresh and rebranding projects. The breadth and depth of work this year has kept the levels of creativity high and seeing how committed the businesses of Yorkshire are to growth and promoting business positivity in the region has been a fantastic movement to be part of.


Next gen support

Mentoring is a subject close to my heart, and since moving back to Yorkshire a couple of years ago I’ve wanted to pick this part of my life back up. I’m so happy to say that last week I began a flagship mentoring programme with Leeds Trinity University which offers support to 2nd year media students as they embark on 6 week work placements. If this programme is successful, the University is keen to roll it out to different courses next year. It’s a fantastic scheme and I think it’ll help provide students with effective, practical support to prepare for life beyond uni.



Building an archive for businesswomen of the future

Dr Hannah Dean is on a mission to build an extensive and comprehensive oral history of the journeys of Yorkshire businesswomen. I was proud (and more than a tad humbled) to contribute my story about life in PR to this British Academy supported project which will document the reality of starting a business, including the ups, downs and massive obstacles which get hurled at us on our road to being business owners. It will hopefully highlight the disparity between what government thinks we need and what we actually need, and the harsh truth about issues such as gender bias, sexism and pay gaps which women face on a daily basis.


Small business copy and content tools

As a small business I network and connect with many other micro and small businesses and often the same comments and feedback about writing for business and PR keep cropping up. So, one of my biggest projects over the next six months is developing a programme of tools aimed at helping those businesses who write their own copy and handle their brand promotion in house to improve their writing confidence, skills and knowledge. It’s still in very early stages but I’ll post updates as it progresses.


Over the next few months, I’ll be expanding the InFusion team and creating an even better blend of services to offer clients so keep an eye on our recent projects, our LinkedIn page and the Twitter feed to see if something we’re doing could be useful to your business.