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Email marketing

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Email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media.

That’s huge. And it’s not going away. Email marketing is the wise Grandma of the marketing world, but our attraction to the new shiny tools of the trade has tempted us away from Granny’s email expertise and all the wisdom and the benefits it can offer to start up and established businesses alike.

Breaking through the busy inbox

It’s estimated that over 100 emails are sent per business person each day. That’s a high demand for attention which your email needs to break through. The email communications and newsletters we send out for clients consistently hit above average open and click through rates, which is reflected in ecommerce purchases and website traffic directly after the email hits inboxes.

Personalised marketing works better

We don’t mean just adding in someone’s name to the start of an email. We’re talking personalised content, offers specific to your customers and information that they actually find useful. There’s so many tools out there to create highly personal campaigns that demand to be opened, not automatically trashed.

Start talking to your customers in new (old) way

If you’ve been considered email marketing, or are currently using email marketing and just not getting the results you want, we offer a free consultation to discover exactly what you need, what you’re lacking and talk through ways to improve the effectiveness of the communications you’re sending out.