Early Excellence

Tailored support builds confidence for in-house team

email marketing for early excellence


  • 50% response rate from email marketing efforts
  • Tailored messages to specific subscriber groups for better engagement

We stepped to help bring the newly formed team in-house marketing team up to speed on Mailchimp, working at the same level and able to run their own email marketing campaigns independently of external support. Here’s how we increased their response rates.

The science of email marketing

Our coaching sessions for Early Excellence covered the science of email marketing – from the subject lines to the spam score – and explained ways to customise the experience for each customer with personalised campaigns, automated emails and the segmentation of data.

Because the team had a varied skill set when it came to email marketing our session was tailored to look at how everyone could make the best use of Mailchimp regardless of level; from overall communications strategies right down to the basic functionality of the system.

Support right through to implementation

Delivering a lot of information in one session can be overwhelming, so to make sure Early Excellence felt confident implementing their new skills we provided a post-course support period. This gave the team the ability to access further guidance and feedback on the structure and content of their revised emails following implementation of what they’d learned.

Training Early Excellence on the segmentation of data and clarity of message has enabled the marketing team to reach specific subscriber groups with relevant content and generate a response rate of up to 50%. With our help they gained the confidence and skills needed to continue building strong external campaigns.